What Is Digital Dentistry?

Over the past decade, there has been a major switch in the way dentists operate, moving away from traditional electronic or mechanical methods into the world of digital dentistry.

By doing so, dentists are becoming more effective and efficient, allowing their patients to receive the best possible care for an affordable price.

Digital dentistry information

The innovation of merging dentistry with the digital world has produced fantastic results. Dentists who utilize digital dentistry are now able to shorten wait times for their patients and provide even more accurate results than ever before.

The following outlines exactly what digital dentistry is, how it is benefiting numerous dentists and various examples of digital dentistry in practice.

What is digital dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the use of digital technology, such as computers and other digital components, to evaluate and treat patients.

Traditional dental technology relied upon electronic and mechanical methods of gathering information on a patient and treating their dental concerns. With digital dentistry, collecting information on the status of a patient's oral health and treating any concerns that may be present have never been easier.

Not only has digital dentistry began to affect the way dentists acquire information from testing procedures, but it has also made its way into the way dentists conduct actual operations as well.

While there are still times when digital dentistry may not be the best option, it is quickly moving toward being the way dentists operate in the future.

Digital dentistry benefits

There are various benefits of digital dentistry, which is why it is quickly replacing the more traditional methods of dental work. Here are just a few of the benefits dentists receive when making the switch over to digital dentistry:

  • Shorter dental wait times for test results and restorations
  • More accurate testing information
  • More comfortable testing and operational procedures
  • A wide range of functional abilities

First and foremost, one of the biggest benefits of digital dentistry is that it provides dentists with more accurate testing results, which allows them to properly diagnose their patients. Not only can digital dentistry help diagnose already existing oral health concerns, but the testing procedures can also help detect the earliest signs of a dental issue. It makes the actual operations easier for both the dentist and the patient as well.

Digital dentistry technology

The most notable technology device that has switched over to the digital world for dentists is a dental X-ray machine, which many believe provides more accurate results in a safer manner.

Here are several other digital dentistry technological advancements that have been made, although there are many more:

  • Construction of restoration devices
  • Dental lasers
  • Occlusion and TMJ analysis
  • Patient record management

While many of the technological advancements made in digital dentistry help with diagnosis, digital dentistry also makes it easier for dentists to carry out operations. The use of dental lasers and the quick constructions of restoration devices makes treating patients much more effective and efficient.

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