Improve Smile Shape With Cosmetic Dentistry

The perfect smile goes beyond simply having straight teeth that are extremely white.

Also, smile shape is important to having a perfect smile. This refers to the symmetrical balance of a smile, from the lower incisors to the upper laterals.

How to improve your smile shape

While braces are perhaps the most popular way to not only straighten teeth but also improve a smile shape, there are other, more affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help. By having an understanding of cosmetic dentistry procedures that improve smile shape, you can better determine which option is best.

The following are the three most common cosmetic dentistry procedures utilized to improve smile shape.

Dental bonding

Perhaps the best way to improve smile shape is through dental bonding, which fills in teeth using a composite resin or porcelain material.

The best part about dental bonding — and why it is so effective at improving smile shape — is that it can be used for a variety of different needs. Most commonly in general dentistry, dental bonding is used to fill in cavities. However, they can also fill in other teeth issues that lead to an imperfect smile shape, including chips, cracks or spaces in between teeth.

Additionally, dental bonding can be used to lengthen a tooth that is too short, which is particularly useful in improving smile shape.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers, otherwise known as “Hollywood teeth,” are a great way to achieve an improved overall smile shape. They used to be a way for only Hollywood stars to improve their smile, but now they are available at an affordable price to most people who desire them.

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are applied to the surface of the teeth in order to cover stained teeth, lengthen short teeth or repair the aesthetic value to chipped or cracked teeth. Therefore, anyone with an imperfect smile shape can achieve the perfect, symmetrical smile through dental veneers.

Additionally, veneers are tooth colored and blend in well with the rest of the teeth. They also help protect teeth from damage.

Gum contouring

As mentioned, one of the main problems of an imperfect smile shape are small teeth. In some cases, however, the teeth being short is not the problem. Instead, the gums may simply be too long. If this is the case and it causes the teeth to look small and short, the teeth can be given the appearance of being much longer through gum contouring, or a gum lift.

Gum contouring is a surgical procedure that involves altering the gum line to the desired level. While it most commonly done to make the teeth appear longer, it can also be performed when the gums are too short as well. Since it is a surgical procedure, however, a gum lift can be fairly invasive.

So ...

Smile shape is a fairly easy cosmetic problem to correct, and it can be done with any of these treatment options.

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