Should I Get a Smile Makeover?

Smile MakeoverSmile makeovers are all the rage these days, which makes perfect sense. As more dental advances are being made, there are simply more options when it comes to getting a smile makeover. Dental patients now have lots of options when it comes to improving their smile, and are excited about the fact that many of these options can be done in a quick and easy fashion.

Since there are options, if you are truly interested in learning about how you can improve your smile, all you have to do is make a list of questions to discuss with your dentist. Want to learn more about your smile makeover options? Contact us now for more info.

Do I need a smile makeover?

Whether or not someone should get a smile makeover is completely up to them. The only reason a dentist would suggest one of their patients needs to get a smile makeover is that it will improve the patient's oral health. For example, crooked teeth can trap food and plaque in difficult-to-reach places that increase the risk of infection. A smile makeover can straighten crooked teeth for a healthier smile.

Everybody is unique, and that includes their smile. When there is something that we wish we could change our smile, knowing that there are indeed options can be very reassuring. A one-on-one consultation is available since getting to know our patients is the best way we can help them.

Options for Improving your smile

The following are a few makeover options that are currently available that can help improve one's smile.

Bringing back the original color of the teeth

While teeth whitening procedures are very popular these days, not everyone's natural tooth color is a true white. This option will help restore the teeth back to their original color, for a more natural looking smile.

Updating fillings

The choice to remove metal fillings and replace them with tooth-colored fillings is now an option, making for a more uniform looking smile. Patients do not have to settle with metal fillings and can choose a natural-looking but fully-functional option.

Dental veneers or implants

We can repair broken, chipped and/or cracked teeth using veneers. We can also use an implant to fill in the gap when any teeth are missing.

Dental crowns

We will customize a dental crown to cover a damaged tooth like a cap to protect the tooth from any further damage. Crowns not only help repair damaged teeth, they are similar to veneers in that they make for a more natural and even smile.

Ready to transform your smile?

Whether you have something very minor you would like to change about your smile or are interested in making a few major smile changes, we can help you. Since there are a few things you are going to need to take into consideration when wanting a smile makeover, know that our professional team can help guide you through the entire process.

There is truly no time like the present, especially when your smile is at stake. Call us now to make an appointment for your smile makeover.

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