Do Dentists Recommend a Dental Crown Material?

Dental crowns are a common dental procedure used when someone’s tooth is damaged. Being in good oral health is extremely important to one’s overall health, which requires any damaged teeth to be repaired as soon as possible. There are many ways that a tooth can be damaged so much that it will need to be repaired by an experienced dentist. Some of the more common reasons for damaged teeth include irregular brushing and flossing, getting hit in the mouth when playing sports and falling down.

Dental crowns

A dental crown is also called a dental cap. Dental crowns are often used to repair damaged teeth as they are able to completely cover a tooth, making it once again durable. A dental crown or cap can be used to treat a variety of damages that can happen to a tooth, making it a very versatile option whenever there is a need to treat damaged teeth. An experienced dentist may choose to use a dental crown for a patient who has weak teeth, also seen as a preventive measure.

A dentist may also choose to use dental crowns for already broken teeth, severely worn down teeth, a tooth that is losing its filling, to cover a dental implant, to hold dental bridges in place and to improve the overall appearance of one’s teeth. This means that dental crowns are not only used to help repair damaged teeth, they can also be used to improve the overall appearance of one’s teeth. This makes dental crowns a great option for dental patients are looking to improve the way they look when they smile.

Do dentists recommend a dental crown material?

Yes, dentists can recommend the best dental crown material for a patient. There are many materials used to make dental crowns and each one is going to have its own advantages and disadvantages. Because an experienced dentist is going to fully understand which material may be best for any particular dental patient, they will often recommend the type of dental crown material a patient needs for the best results.

  • Stainless steel crowns are premade and are most often used as a temporary fix when a dental patient is waiting for their permanent crown to be made.

  • Metal crowns often include a number of different metals. While metal crowns are able to provide a dental patient the strong and durable tooth support they need for a healthy mouth, they are visible. This makes it so that metal crowns are often recommended when they are needed in the back of the mouth where they are not easily seen.

  • All porcelain dental crowns are a common choice due to their ability to match the patient’s teeth. All porcelain dental crowns are also recommended for patients you may be allergic to metals.

  • Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns use a combination of metal and porcelain in order to make the necessary repairs to a patient’s teeth.

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