Dental Anxiety: 5 Common Fears and How To Overcome Them

dental anxiety

At the root of all fears, real or imaginary, is human emotions or feelings and dental anxiety or dental phobia no exception. The cause for the development of any form of dread is the absence of facts of the situation and only a person’s perceptions firmly rooted in their mind as subjective truth. This personal truth based on feelings brings many dental patients to unnecessary dental anxiety, as the patient grows quite comfortable with the status quos that they came to know!

Five most common dental fears

The five most common concerns of dental anxiety are the following:

Financial Fears

The fear of the cost of dental care can bring dental anxiety to those who have tight family budgets and believe they cannot afford such a luxury as professional teeth cleanings and dental exams. Remember that dental prices differ based on such factors as location and size of the dental office and number of clients the dentist has. A busier dental office is more apt to charge more based on demand for service but more active is not an indication of a better quality of care to that of a smaller dental office. It is essential to shop around and ask about financial arrangements for treatment, family discounts, senior discounts, and installment options. Some dentists offer monthly dental plans for routine check-ups.

Fear of Pain

We won’t sugarcoat this; there may be some discomfort in the anesthetic needle to numb the area to be worked on, the dental drilling, the scraping and poking of gums to clean in-between the teeth, and the discomfort of having to sit for around 40 minutes in a dental chair.  Be assured your dental professional is willing to work with whatever dental anxiety you open and honestly share with him or her to make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Fear of the Unknown

A cause for dental anxiety in patients is fear of the unknown. Make sure your dentist has the skill to verbalize in an easy-to-understand way what the processes are in any treatment. If they will not answer your questions, you have a legitimate ‘fear’ and should look for a dentist who can communicate effectively and respectfully to you.

Fear of Embarrassment

This fear comes as a result of human nature wanting to be seen as perfect. Do not continue trying to ignore an issue, and instead find out what is happening in your mouth; it may not be as bad as you perceive! Your dentist should be compassionate and take it one step at a time to get your teeth back to its original luster.

Fear of Taking Time From Work

There is never enough time and the hours for visits may not fit perfectly into a patient’s busy life. This form of dental anxiety is a must change to of the mind if a healthy mouth, as well as a healthy body, is to be. Many times offices may have weekend or after-hour times that patients can be seen. This is another scenario that it is vital to speak openly and honestly with your dentist so they can help in finding a viable solution.

Fear and anxiety should not bring embarrassment!

Fear and anxiety can cause people to feel shameful or embarrassed. Dentists agree that if patients would communicate with them and explain their concerns, the majority of the time they can help immediately. Having many years of experience working with hundreds and thousands of patients, dentists have become professionals at easing and subsiding anxiety their clients feel along with the dental cleanings they perform every day.

Contact our office today, and we can begin taking each step with you in easing your fears and regaining control over your oral health!

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