3 Natural Teeth Facts for Better Dental Health

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When it comes to natural teeth facts, it is well known the nothing beats good oral hygiene when it comes to keeping the mouth healthy. A good oral routine should include brushing twice each day, flossing at least once a day, using antibacterial mouthwash and visiting a dentist twice a year.

Ways to keep natural teeth healthy

Doing these things is often enough to keep teeth healthy. Cleaning the mouth and teeth serves a very important purpose: it removes food particles from teeth surfaces. These food particles are consumed by bacteria that live in the mouth, and they excrete acids afterward. It forms a sticky film called plaque over teeth, and that eats away at teeth enamel.

To make things even worse, plaque eventually turns into tartar when left on teeth for prolonged periods of time. Tartar is calcified deposits that are left on teeth surfaces when plaque is left on them for a few days. It cannot be removed by brushing, and it requires a professional cleaning done by a dentist to remove it. While good oral hygiene is often enough to keep teeth healthy, there are some interesting natural teeth facts that can lead to even better dental health.

Natural teeth facts

Nothing damages real teeth like sugar

Consuming lots of sugary substances is bad for teeth. It is an acidic substance, and it sticks to teeth surfaces, making it harder for saliva to rinse it off. In addition, the bacteria in the mouth convert these sugars into acids that also damage teeth enamel.

When it comes to keeping teeth healthy, people need to be careful about their consumption. When sugary foods are eaten, it is a good idea to rinse the mouth afterward. Also, sugary snacks should be consumed immediately after meals since saliva production is still elevated at that point.

Most importantly, people should avoid sipping on drinks that contain sugar all day. These leaves the person's teeth exposed to acids that can damage it constantly. It is best to drink sugary drinks with meals and switch to water until the next meal.

Diet matters

Teeth need certain nutrients to ensure they remain healthy. Some of the main ones include calcium and fluoride. Calcium can be found in green, leafy vegetables and dairy products, and it helps to keep teeth and bones strong. Fluoride is infused into a wide range of dental products, and it can also be found in fluoridated water supply systems. When possible patients are advised to drink fluoridated water. This drastically reduces the person's odds of developing cavities and other decay related issues.

No true replacement for real teeth

While there is a wide range of dental prosthetics like crowns and implants, there is no real replacement that is as durable as a real tooth. It is best to take proper care of teeth and keep them healthy for life.

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